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Understanding Computer Repair

About six months ago, I could tell that my computer was starting to have problems. I was doing everything I knew how to do to make things right, but it just wasn't working. After struggling for weeks, I finally found a computer services company that was able to make things right. In addition to cleaning several viruses off of my machine and doing what they could to teach me the ropes of basic computer repair, they also talked with me about potential upgrades that would boost the performance of my machine. This blog is all about understanding computer repair and making your machine better than ever.


3 Ways To Improve Your Small Brewery's Sales

If you are in charge of a small brewery, then you understand how important it is to have a good marketing and sales plan. You don't have the sheer size or budget to compete with the huge breweries, so you have to be innovative and provide expertise and do other things within your power that will allow you to succeed. So here are three things to incorporate into your company's plan.

Train Your Salespeople To Be Experts In The Product

You want your salespeople to be expert in your product, but also in the industry. A good salesperson should be able to discuss all styles of beer, not just your brewery's particular brand. This will help them when they meet with the manager of a grocery store, bar, or restaurant. For instance, if the bar already serves an IPA on tap, the salesperson should be able to discuss why your company's IPA is a superior brand. They should understand concepts such as hops (and know the different styles of hops) as well as be familiar with the competing brands and their own hop profiles, as well as other technical info such as IBU (international bitter units).

A good way to do this would be to bring in a beer educator and have them give the salesperson an overview of general beer knowledge (info on hops, malts, and technical jargon such as IBU). And then they should teach more in-depth info on your own style categories (no need to focus on Russian and Irish stouts if your brewery only produces IPA and Pale Ales).

Improve Your Brand's Social Media Presence

A great way to grow your brand is to create a strong social media presence. This should include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Try and be very visual and promote your brand as it appears in stores, supermarkets, and restaurants. These places will all love the cross promotion, so instruct your sales force to always take photos whenever they are are a location and post it online.

Bring In An IT Consultant To Improve Your Efficiency

One of the best ways to improve your sales is to make sure your internal tracking software and computers are all working efficiently. Your sales staff are all going to have lists of clients, contact databases, as well as marketing plans keyed in to each locale. If these items are all scattered all over the  place, and not accessible to the manager, then there is going to be chaos. Should one salesperson get sick, you want another one to be able to jump in and access all of the information. Likewise, should a salesperson move on to a new job opportunity, you don't want all of their notes, spreadsheets, and data to be a undecipherable to a new employee.

An IT consultant can come in and streamline all of your company's software and make it so that managers can have appropriate access. They can also give you guidance on how to better streamline reports so that there are not redundancies, which will cost your company time.

The IT consultant can also assist in setting up the social media profiles and make it so that salespersons in the field can easily access the company's official account and post images and updates. Instead of giving the salespersons access to the main profiles, the IT consultant will likely route everything through a manager so that they will have final say on what shows up online.

For more information about how a consultant would be able to help and other ways you can use technology and information to promote your brewery, contact an IT company, such as SkyComm.